"oneness" by Oskari Oleva

Hello every one,

After traveling six months in Asia (India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, and Vietnam) I rested in Finland for a couple of months. Then another almost three months of traveling, started by a breeze of moneylessness, took me first from Finland by hitch-hiking across the Baltic Sea, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland to Berlin.

After one smoky wind which took me from Berlin all the way to Netherlands and back, it was time for another circle further down to Portugal and even briefly to Spain and back to Finland through Milan, Berlin, and Hamburg.

During traveling these eleven months, once in a while, I have come to realize some things that have helped me to cope with everything that I’ve come across. I have written a blog in Finnish at, but on this special day, 11th of November 2011, which is full of funny ones, I decided to start this blog, traveleven, in English and to share my views on this topic for starters.

According to my reality tunnel, in my current belief system (b.s.), there is one God, or in other words: God is oneness.

If you disagree with this, it is more than okay. That means your belief system differs from mine. Nevertheless, in my understanding, we are both perceiving the same reality. We just abstract a different one.

In case you got interested in looking deeper into my reality tunnel, I can keep playing with words. But be warned: Do not take anything what I say as a truth for yourself. I would advise you to never fully believe in other people’s belief systems, including your own.

As Robert Anton Wilson would put it, don’t take b.s. from anyone. You have been warned.

Just recently we officially became over seven billion people on this small and harmless yet quite remarkable planet of ours. That is one big achievement, although a huge challenge at the same time. Now it is a world with over seven billion different reality tunnels and differing belief systems.

And everything is okay. The world is already perfect. We just have got to realize that we all share the same origins, one foundation. We are all human-beings. We are the people. We are all brothers and sisters. We just have become quite a big and diverse family. But that is such a richness. Our cultural conditioning has shaped our belief systems so that it is hard to see this simple yet beautiful truth.

Based on observations through my reality tunnel, separateness can never be a true solution for any challenge we are facing as humanity, because all suffering boils down to the struggle between oneness and separateness. We people are meant to be together and as long as we feel separate from each other, the world will see no peace. Same applies to all living beings, nature, our planet, the whole universe.

What we need is understanding. What brings understanding? Awareness.

We are like fish that are not aware of the water we swim in.

We have to realize that the truth we are seeking is already in us. Like Nasruddin, we are riding with a donkey aimlessly and seemingly lost, and when asked what we are looking for, we answer: “I have lost my donkey.”

From my experience, in a way, to understand all is to forgive all. First realize that there is something you have not forgiven. Then forgive. Just drop it. Forgive everything and everyone. Everything that happened in the past and everything that happens every moment, now. Even everything that might happen in the future. As long as you have something you haven’t been able to forgive, you are attached to it and cannot be free. To understand all is to forgive all.

I would like to remind you not take my or anyone else’s b.s. as the truth. Find the truth yourself. I am also looking.

Anyway, to understand nature, understand oneness of all living beings. There is one life that we all live together. There is no “my life”, even though we want to see it that way in our selfishness, separateness. But when I die, life does not cease to exist. There is life as long as there is love. If you remove a handful of water from the sea, the water is still there. Both in the sea and in your palm. You can’t separate water from water. There is only one water.

To understand time, understand that only one time (or no-time) exists, which is the Now. Yes, there is clock time as a tool for practical living, but past and future only exist in your mind, they are not here and now. When you understand that time is an illusion, you can understand that money is an illusion as well, because time is money, isn’t it?

Then, when you say that you do not have the time or the money, you can realize that you are living a lie.

To understand your spouse, husband, wife, partner, a woman or a man: understand the oneness that goes beyond sexes, beyond labels that we put on everyone and everything. In reality we are all one. One foundation. Don’t focus on the differences, focus on the similarities and you will see the oneness there.

It is very difficult to be angry at anyone when you can see the being beyond a human mind, and that people never really do evil deeds being fully conscious of what they are doing. Forgive them. Forgive yourself.

We do mistakes and that is great. That makes us human and our lives worthwhile! “I would like to do more mistakes”, said many an old guy on his death bed, when he was asked how he would do otherwise if he had a chance to live his life again.

Furthermore, to understand the Universe, understand that everything that exists is one. In the Universe you can travel so deep into the rabbit hole as you want, and it can be very exciting. It just depends how much energy you put into it. You can travel and discover the macroscopic cosmos which is outside of you or you can travel or experiment in the microscopic cosmos which is inside of you. But they also seem to be one.

From my perspective, there are only different perspectives. Practically you can realize this for example by gazing at the beautiful starry sky in the darkness of a night. You see all those stars? They are pretty far away from each other, and from the observer, aren’t they? So, have you ever wondered about all that enormous space that is between them and you?

Now, consider the microscopic cosmos that is inside of you. Firstly, on the level of human body cells. Can you imagine, all the trillions of cells in your body are different from each other. No one cell is identical to another. Isn’t that remarkable? Neither are the stars or other objects in the sky for that matter.

Secondly, we can say that we all consist of particles like atoms. But what are atoms? Current scientific understanding states that they mostly consist of emptiness. Just protons and electrons going around in a dance of energetic vibration. And where is this vibration happening? In emptiness, nothingness.

The rabbit hole goes even deeper. As we know now, and as we have labelled them, protons and electrons consist of smaller particles called quarks. And possibly quarks can be seen as consisting of other even smaller particles. But, guess what, they are also mostly emptiness like the macroscopic cosmos, the starry sky and all the galaxies out there.

And what is this emptiness, you might ask. It is a good question. Why not ask then instead, what is this thing called I, because we are mostly emptiness as well.

Yes, that is a very important question for everyone to consider: What am I?

We can consider any object form and honestly say that we do not know all about this object. In fact, what is the thing that we know or ever can know everything about? And some of us seriously think that we know who we are. No, in my reality tunnel, even though my mind might disagree, we can never know everything about anything.

What is maybe achievable though, is to know nothing. The so called not-knowing that Zen Buddhists are so crazy about. To accept that you do not really know anything, might be close to knowing nothing. And it isn’t so bad after all because most of us, most of the Universe, is just pure nothingness.

Knowledge and wisdom are not the same. Knowledge comes from the world of knowing, whereas wisdom arises from the nothingness. Maybe.

To understand life, understand that there is only one life that we all beings experience together. Now is a perfect moment to connect to your being and be more human! As the Ubuntu philosophy goes: “I am because we are.”

Anyway, no matter who you think you are or what you think you are or where you think you are, have a good one!

Oskari Oleva

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8 thoughts on “Oneness

  1. One plus one is equivalent to one? It sounds not so right according to mathematics but… Why not? Even scientifically is prooved that we people were born from one woman, scientists called her Eve)) Mitochondrion in our cells shows this relation between people. So we are sisters and brothers. We just have forgotten about it.
    We don’t want to hurt our close relatives. But why do we do it with our very distance relatives?

    This article is touching… It brings some positive feelings in me. And it made me think more about the most important thing in this world – love. People, only love can make us happy. Really happy! Think about it!

    Thanks for blog, Oleva!
    Your faithful fan, linnko

    • Thank you, linnko, for sharing your thoughts and feelings.

      Whether 1+1 could equal 1, I guess it depends to which branch of mathematics you are tuned in to ;) Maybe there are some mathemagicians among us who can prove this also possible?

      Yes, one way to see it that we all come from the Mother Earth where we shall one day return…

      I see it so that deep down we all have the source code of happiness inside of us. Something is just hindering that happiness to manifest and the joy to rise. This is what we have to learn in order to find happiness. Not to gain anything or to become anything else that we already are, but to drop something.

      Drop illusions, drop fears, drop lies, drop attachments… everything that is not really needed.

  2. Don’t believe a word anyone says. And to do ourselves a favor don’t even believe ourselves. All our “logic / opinions/ rationalizations” can only come from program files in our past. All information is filtered through our lens. The only choices available to inform us are based on our past.

    Emptying our cup is not so easy :). So in practice this is what i try to do as far as possible :

    (1) allow others to be.
    (2) let go of the need to be “right” if it doesn’t make us happy.

    You are right – all problems, all the need to be validated, to protect ourselves from shame, hurt, rejection, the need to prove ourselves, compete, be respected, to be right, be “someone” – all comes from separateness. The need to be appreciated, not taken for granted, valued, cherished, to feel whole – all that neediness comes from separateness.

    We seek outwards to perfect what we think is imperfect without simply pausing to see we are already WHOLE because we exist as part of a WHOLE.

    People often hold on to this idea of being right, being superior, being better and one way to do that is to not forgive another. They feel that forgiving means losing. There is a Malay saying, “Mengalah tak semestinya kalah.” It means, to give in does not necessarily mean defeat.

    I have found that forgiveness is a bigger favor to ourselves than it is to another. To know this is one thing, to finally internalize it is another. I beat myself up all the time and to be able to tell myself, “It;s OK to fuck up, it’s OK to get mad, it’s OK to feel insecure” and to view myself with compassion helps in reducing my own resistance towards being aware of the lesson unfolding.

    Recently, after reading many books on Time did it finally crystallize that Time is merely a teaching aid, a walking stick towards our own unfolding. I believe for a lot of people it is difficult to step outside of that Time-defined existence. But that is crucial in learning to see the unfolding better.

    The only purpose differences serve is to provide a contrast so we can see the same thing in ourselves. When a woman admires the masculinity of a man or vice versa it reminds them that the same quality exists also in them because they come from part of a Whole. (Understood this from Path to Love, Deepak Chopra).

    “I” is a learning tool.

    When I was a child I would take for granted walking beside my relative/parents in a supermarket. Then one day I got lost. I have been to the supermarket many times before but I suddenly got scared and started crying so badly. I then cried all the way home, feeling so terrified as my tear-soaked eyes clouded my vision as I crossed the busy street. The street lights suddenly seem so ominous, the headlights of cars so sinister.

    If it weren’t for the fact that I had been separated for the first time in my life I would never have realized how important it was to find my way home.

    That is the purpose of “I” – we separate ourselves to drive home the point that we need to find our way back into Love.

    Knowledge is outward seeking. Understanding is Inner-Knowing. We know it only when we’re living it not when we’re waxing lyrical over it.

    Paradoxically do we realize that seeking knowledge is unnecessary if Infinite Knowledge and Wisdom is already within us and can be sought through meditation, reflections, compassion, empathy, awareness and understanding?

    Rather than see ourselves as a bucket that needs filling we can view ourselves as a diamond in the rough – only needing to slough away the dirt to reveal the shine within. The dirt is the conditioning and fears we inherited. By removing them we can come to our Inner Light. By trusting that we hold Inner Light, that we are Infinite Vessels we no longer need to keep acquiring, keep seeking, keep needing.

    • Thank you Emelie, for sharing your heart with us… I am with you. Especially the power of forgiveness cannot ever be emphasized enough. This is what I like so much in Buddhist teaching, but at the same time it is exactly what Yahsua tried to point out: Love your enemies. I am my enemies. When I help others to heal I help myself to heal, I help the world to heal.

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